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This paper proposes a discrete-time switching controller strategy for a hydraulic process pumping station. The proposed solution leads to improving control systemperformances with two tests: combination of Fuzzy-PD and PI controllers and Fuzzy-PID and PI controllers.Theproposed design methodology is based on accuratemodel for pumping station (PS), which is developed in previous works using Fuzzy-CMeans (FCM) algorithm.Thecontrol law design is based on switching control; a fuzzy supervisor manages the switching from one to another and regulates the rate of participation of each order, in order to satisfy various objectives of a stable pumping station like the asymptotic stability of the tracking error. To validate the proposed solution, experimental tests are made and analyzed. Compared to the conventional PI and fuzzy logic (FL) approaches, the results show that the switching controller allows exhibiting excellent transient response over a wide range of operating conditions and especially is easier to be implemented in practice.

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Performances of a developed method for high-performance pumps pressure control based on switching technique that achieves global asymptotic pressure tracking outputs of a pumping station are presented. The elaborated switching control proves a good effectiveness and a simplicity compared to other controllers. After having developed the technical aspects of the switching controller using fuzzy supervisor, the complete control scheme of the pumping station incorporating the proposed controller experimentally was implemented using a digital signal processor board DS1104. The proposed switching controller gave satisfactory results in terms of pressure reference tracking andminimization of the response time of pressure and flow, which show the effectiveness of control for this kind of controller of pumping station. Based on the obtained results, it can be concluded that the research into the switching technique has been very successful and can be implemented in any pumping station, which can increase the performance of pumping stations and will be the objective of other research.

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This page is a summary of: Fuzzy Supervisor Approach Design Based-Switching Controller for Pumping Station: Experimental Validation, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, January 2017, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, DOI: 10.1155/2017/3597346.
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