Optimal Utilization of Combined Double Layer and Nernstian Charging of Activated Carbon Electrodes in Aqueous Halide Supercapattery through Capacitance Unequalization

Bamidele Akinwolemiwa, Chaohui Wei, Qinghua Yang, Linpo Yu, Lan Xia, Di Hu, Chuang Peng, George Z. Chen
  • Journal of The Electrochemical Society, January 2018, The Electrochemical Society
  • DOI: 10.1149/2.0031902jes

Supercapacitor with redox active halide anions

What is it about?

Comparison between iodide and bromide ions on their redox behaviour in supercapacitors with activated carbon electrodes

Why is it important?

Strategy for selection of redox electrolytes for supercapacitors to enhance energy storage capacity


Professor of Electrochemical Technologies George Zheng Chen
University of Nottingham

Enhance energy storage capacity of supercapacitors with aqueous redox electrolytes

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