Changes in Ocean Heat, Carbon Content, and Ventilation: A Review of the First Decade of GO-SHIP Global Repeat Hydrography*

L.D. Talley, R.A. Feely, B.M. Sloyan, R. Wanninkhof, M.O. Baringer, J.L. Bullister, C.A. Carlson, S.C. Doney, R.A. Fine, E. Firing, N. Gruber, D.A. Hansell, M. Ishii, G.C. Johnson, K. Katsumata, R.M. Key, M. Kramp, C. Langdon, A.M. Macdonald, J.T. Mathis, E.L. McDonagh, S. Mecking, F.J. Millero, C.W. Mordy, T. Nakano, C.L. Sabine, W.M. Smethie, J.H. Swift, T. Tanhua, A.M. Thurnherr, M.J. Warner, J.-Z. Zhang
  • Annual Review of Marine Science, January 2016, Annual Reviews
  • DOI: 10.1146/annurev-marine-052915-100829

Review and status of the international Repeat Hydrography program, a survey of the global oceans


Professor Lynne Talley (Author)

We have worked for many decades as a meticulous, international group of ocean observers, to make the measurements that are truly essential for making accurate statements about how the ocean is changing in response to anthropogenic forcing. This paper summarizes the state of what we know about how the ocean is changing, from top to bottom, and pole to pole.

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The following have contributed to this page: Professor Dennis A Hansell, Dr Jia-Zhong Zhang, Professor Lynne Talley, Dr Toshiya Nakano, Dr K Katsumata, Dr Masao Ishii, and Dr Scott Doney