Toward database inference by GUI analysis

  • a case study
  • Meredith A. Barnes, Mathys C. du Plessis, Brenda Scholtz
  • January 2010, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
  • DOI: 10.1145/1899503.1899542

What is it about?

Database system development is a code intensive, time consuming task for a developer. It is suggested that the underlying database and program code can be inferred from a well designed Graphical User Interface (GUI). GUI analysis DEvelopment (GUIDE) is part of a two phase process for the creation of an information system. Firstly, the developer creates the GUI front end of the intended information system. Secondly, GUIDE analyses field groupings and performable actions in the GUI to infer the underlying database structure and the data manipulation operations. The GUI analysis approach is validated by means of a proof of concept case study. The creation of a simple information system using the GUIDE prototype is presented. The main result of the case study is a confirmation that the proposed approach can be successfully applied in system development. Secondly, this pilot study indicates that a significant amount of development time can be saved by using GUIDE.

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