"A Different Sort of Bird"

  • December 2015, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
  • DOI: 10.1145/2809523.2809534

Ada Lovelace in Steampunk Literature

What is it about?

A look at how Ada Lovelace, the real person, has been used in steampunk literature as one of the first women in technology.

Why is it important?

Portrayals of the fictional Ada Lovelace from 1990 to the mid-2010s show the changing perspective on women in technology from disdainful to admiring.


Ms Victoria Ludas Orlofsky (Author)
Stevens Institute of Technology

I initially wrote this for a conference and was surprised to find such a disparate characterization between the novel that first mentioned her, The Difference Engine (1990) by Gibson and Sterling, in which she was helpless, addicted to drugs and gambling, generally a mess, and the later books of 2011-15, where she was cool, smart, tough, and admired.

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