Formal Definition and Modelling Language of Association-Oriented Database Metamodel (AssoBase)

Marek Krotkiewicz
  • Vietnam Journal of Computer Science, November 2018, World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt
  • DOI: 10.1142/s2196888819500052

New database model introduced by its formla definition and with dedicated modelling language.

What is it about?

The paper is dedicated to intorduce basic concepts of AssoBase which is a new database model. On the one hand the modelling language is elaborated that allows to model databases. On the other, the formal definition is provided that proves complitness of metamodel. The paper is both technical, in formal ddefiniton part, and highly practical in modelling part.

Why is it important?

the development of new database metamodels is in stagnation stage. Most of the system uses relational approach with little bit more attention given to so-called no-SQL approaches lately. Relational databases prove highly efficient in some areas whereas in other they should not be used. One of those areas is storage of graph based structures frequently utilised in knowledge representation. The no-SQL approach is not the most desired here as well, thus there is a need for new ideas. This is where Association-Oriented modelling comes and prove efficient and usable.


Dr Marek Krótkiewicz
Politechnika Wroclawska

The AssoBase is dedicated to knowledge representation and I hope that it soon earn audience and provide usability that is desired.

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