The elastic strut on an elastic foundation: A model localized buckling problem

M. Khurram Wadee
  • November 1999, World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt
  • DOI: 10.1142/9789812814876_0002

What is it about?

This original article was an overview of the use of the strut-on-foundation model as a way of explaining observed phenomena in various physical systems.

Why is it important?

I was asked to write a review for a book by its editors which was to be a collection of published papers on localized buckling and the eponymous model formed the basis of studies in various physical fields. I tried to bring together various ideas from other authors and to suggest areas which may be fruitful in future studies.


Dr Mohammad Khurram Wadee (Author)
University of Exeter

I enjoyed writing this review as it gave me an opportunity to step back and to reflect on the state of the art of localized buckling at the time.

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