Wisdom of the caregivers: pooling individual subjective reports to diagnose states of consciousness in brain-injured patients, a monocentric prospective study

  • Bertrand Hermann, Gwen Goudard, Karine Courcoux, Mélanie Valente, Sébastien Labat, Lucienne Despois, Julie Bourmaleau, Louise Richard-Gilis, Frédéric Faugeras, Sophie Demeret, Jacobo D Sitt, Lionel Naccache, Benjamin Rohaut
  • BMJ Open, February 2019, BMJ
  • DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026211

What is it about?

We designed a new behavioural tool called “DoC-feeling” to help face the clinical challenge of the detection of minimally conscious state in brain-injured patients suffering from disorders of consciousness (DoC). “DoC-feeling” pools the subjective reports of patient’s consciousness obtained from multiple caregivers (“wisdom of the crowds”). This score shows a very good accuracy when compared to the gold standard (repeated expert clinical assessments using the Coma Recovery Scale – Revised).

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