Effect of Heat Transfer on the First and Second Law Efficiency Analysis and Optimization of an Air-standard Atkinson Cycle

A. Hajipour, M. M. Rashidi, M. E. Ali, N. Freidoonimehr, M. Fallahian
  • High Temperature, May 2018, Pleiades Publishing Ltd
  • DOI: 10.1134/s0018151x18030227

Efficiency Analysis of an Atkinson Cycle

What is it about?

The first and second-law analysis for the thermodynamic air-standard Atkinson cycle under heat transfer effect was analyzed thermodynamically and artificially.

Why is it important?

The heat transfer effect on an air-standard Atkinson cycle using thermodynamics and mathematics (Artificial neural network) is unique.


Alireza Hajipour
Islamic Azad University

I hope this article help to other related researchers to analyze the same thermodynamic cycles and more complicated ones.

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