Identification of a Suppressor Mutation That Improves the Yields of Hexon-Modified Adenovirus Vectors

J. T. Bruder, P. Chen, E. Semenova, C. A. Thomas, S. Konovalova, G. Ekberg, D. Ettyreddy, D. McVey, J. G. Gall, C. R. King, D. E. Brough
  • Journal of Virology, July 2013, ASM Journals
  • DOI: 10.1128/jvi.00462-13

Improving adenovirus vectors for gene therapy and vaccines

What is it about?

This new technology improves the manufacturing of hexon-modified adenovirus vectors (AdH). AdH vectors are not neutralized by pre-existing Ad5 neutralizing antibodies which are abundant in human populations. This improvement facilitates the use of AdH for gene therapy and vaccine applications.

Why is it important?

This technology facilitates the commercialization of AdH vectors for gene therapy and vaccine products.

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