New research on low-frequency membrane absorbers

John Calder
  • January 2018, Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
  • DOI: 10.1121/2.0000816

New research on low-frequency membrane absorbers

What is it about?

Discovering better ways to absorb low frequencies in rooms by using vinyl membrane-based devices in unique ways and placements.

Why is it important?

Effectively absorbing low-frequency energy in rooms helps reduce the destructive effects of room modes (resonances) and low-frequency reverberation, both of which reduce accuracy in recording and listening to sound in rooms, as well as helping reduce the harmful health effects of low-frequency noise energy.


John Calder (Author)
Acoustical Surfaces, Inc.

This research was new and resulted in better products and methods, but there remains much more research and product development to be done to control low-frequency room modes, reverberation, and harmful noise in rooms and environments. This research also shows the importance of using appropriately-large test facilities when testing low-frequency devices to assure accurate results.

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