Cooled optical filters forQ-band infrared astronomy (15-40 μm)

  • Gary J. Hawkins, Richard E. Sherwood, Karim Djotni, Timothy M. Threadgold
  • July 2016, SPIE
  • DOI: 10.1117/12.2231669

Cooled optical filters for the mid infrared

What is it about?

We have successfully fabricated cooled bandpass and edge filters with high durability for operation across the 15-30 μm wavelength region. In this paper we describe the rationale for selection of optical materials and properties of fabricated thin-film coatings for this region, together with FTIR spectral measurements and assessment of environmental durability.

Why is it important?

This region contains spectral features emitted by many astrophysical phenomena and objects fundamental to circumstellar and planetary formation theories.


Dr Gary J Hawkins
University of Reading

Extending interference filtering to isolate radiation at progressively longer wavelengths and improve photometric accuracy is an area of ongoing and challenging thin-film research.

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