Performance evaluation of a coded structured light system for cultural heritage applications

Devrim Akca, Fabio Remondino, David Novák, Thomas Hanusch, Gerhard Schrotter, Armin Gruen
  • January 2007, SPIE
  • DOI: 10.1117/12.705578

3D MODELING WEARY HERAKLES STATUE. Performance of a structured light system for cultural heritage

What is it about?

Active sensors, i.e. triangulation based laser scanners and structured light systems are used for many kinds of 3D object reconstruction tasks and in particular for 3D documentation of cultural heritage objects. This study presents some experiences in the results of two case studies in which a close-range structured light system is used for the 3D digitization. The paper includes all necessary steps of the 3D object modeling pipeline from data acquisition to 3D visualization.

Why is it important?

3D documentation and visualization of Cultural Heritage objects is an expanding application area. The selection of the right technology for these kinds of applications is very important and strictly related to the project requirements, budget and user’s experience.


Dr Devrim AKCA (Author)
Isik University

Active sensing with coded structured light systems is a mature technology and allows high resolution documentation of cultural heritage objects.

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