Dentists’ Most Common Practices when Selecting an Implant System

  • Dentists’ Practices when Selecting an Implant
  • Ahed Al-Wahadni, Mohamed S. Barakat, Khladoon Abu Afifeh, Yusuf Khader
  • Journal of Prosthodontics, October 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/jopr.12691

How dentists choose their implant systems?

What is it about?

This study explains how dentists worldwide choose their implant systems. Many factors have been stated and offered to this online questionnaire and respondents ranked them.

Why is it important?

The aims of this study were to report a comprehensive description of implant system selection practices among dentists working with dental implantology across the world, determine qualities that dentists consider when choosing their “premium implant system,” report the most-trusted implant quality stamps, and to report the most commonly used implant systems by dental practitioners around the wor


Khaldoon Abuafifeh

the following conclusions were drawn: 1. The majority of survey respondents performed both the surgical and prosthetic phases of implantology in their practices. 2. In general, implant/abutment connections were the most important implant system selection criteria, followed by scientific evidence available on the implant system, and simplicity of prosthetic steps. 3. Patient preferencewas the least important implant system selection criterion. 4. SLA implant surface was the most commonly used implant surface among survey respondents. 5. Most dentists have used zirconia abutments in their practice, while only a few have used zirconia implants. 6. Themajority of dentists trusted implant systems that held quality seals, with the FDA seal being the most trusted one. 7. The majority of dentists participating in this study used more than one dental implant system.

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