Nonstoichiometry and Li-ion transport in lithium zirconate: The role of oxygen vacancies

  • Xiaowen Zhan, Yang-Tse Cheng, Mona Shirpour
  • Journal of the American Ceramic Society, April 2018, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/jace.15583

Improve Li-ion conductivity of solid electrolytes by tuning oxygen vacancies

What is it about?

Lithium-ion conductivity is important for solid electrolytes. We have used lithium zirconate as a example to show how one can improve the Li-ion conductivity by creating more oxygen vacancies through cation doping. The improvement in ion transport also leads to faster carbon dioxide absorption.

Why is it important?

This idea of tuning Li-ion conducive by increasing oxygen vacancies rather than merely manipulating lithium stoichiometry, while largely overlooked, can be very valuable to delevop better solid electrolytes for many applications like all-solid-state Li-ion batteries.


Xiaowen Zhan
University of Kentucky

I hope this simple example of how defect chemistry affects Li-ion transport can bring attentions to the long overlooked oxygen vacancies in Li-based oxides.

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