The role of functional thyroid capacity in pituitary thyroid feedback regulation

  • Rudolf Hoermann, John E. M. Midgley, Rolf Larisch, Johannes W. Dietrich
  • European Journal of Clinical Investigation, August 2018, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/eci.13003

Sensitivity of feedback control to thyroid reserve and modulation by FT3

What is it about?

The presence or absence of a functioning thyroid gland impacts on hypothalamic pituitary thyroid regulation

Why is it important?

A declining thyroid function sensitises pituitary TSH response to circulating FT4 concentrations. FT3 in particular has an important role in this adjustement.


Professor Rudolf Hoermann

We propose a role for the quantitatively minor thyroidal co‚Äźsecretion of T3 with T4 in adjusting the central setting of thyroid control. This has practical consequences for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with impaired thyroid reserve.

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