Can sea urchins benefit from an artificial diet? Physiological and histological assessment for echinoculture feasibility evaluation

D. Sartori, A. Gaion
  • Aquaculture Nutrition, July 2015, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/anu.12326

Artificial diets for echinoculture

What is it about?

Different artificial diets had been tested in order to evaluate their usefulness in breeding sea urchins in controlled conditions. Data are supported with description of breeding conditions, ingestion rates analysis, gonad index and histological examination.

Why is it important?

We compared the efficacy of artificial diets in comparison with a natural diet based on different algal species. An active reproductive state has been reached in a remarkable short period, and thanks to our results on ingestion rates we identified the most efficient diet in reaching this achievement.


Dr Andrea Gaion
South Devon College

This publication represents one component of a very active research activity aimed to study and improve the breeding of sea urchin for laboratory use (bio-assay), echinoculture and a possible repopulation strategy. Its outcome can play an important role in the ecological management of a depleted species.

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