Quantitative assessment of wound healing using high-frequency ultrasound image analysis

  • H. Mohafez, S. A. Ahmad, M. Hadizadeh, S. Moghimi, S. A. Roohi, M. H. Marhaban, M. I. Saripan, S. Rampal
  • Skin Research and Technology, May 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/srt.12388

Ultrasound imaging in wound assessment

What is it about?

Wound assessment at regular intervals helps clinicians to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular treatment strategy and change it if necessary. The gold standard is the wound biopsy which provides valuable superficial and depth information with the cost of increasing the wound area and impairment in the healing process. We tried to develop an accurate method for assessment of wound healing among diabetic patients suffering from an ulcerated foot. We provided a tool that allows clinicians to determine whether the wound is improved over time through using ultrasound imaging.

Why is it important?

Non-invasive wound assessment at regular intervals helps wound specialists to assess the success of a particular treatment regimen and modify it if needs; that accelerates wound healing and reduces patient discomfort.

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