The Institutional Presidency in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis

Magna Inácio, Mariana Llanos
  • Presidential Studies Quarterly, July 2016, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/psq.12297

The Institutional Presidency in Latin America

What is it about?

Does the type of presidential cabinet affect the presidential strategies of the (re)design of the presidential office? This article analyzes the evolution of the Latin American presidencies to understand whether single or multiparty cabinets make difference in the evolution of the institutional presidency in this region.

Why is it important?

Studies about the institutional presidency have given less attention in the type of cabinet and how it modifies costs and opportunities for presidential leadership. We want to call attention to the coordination problems faced by the presidents heading a multiparty cabinet and how it affect presidential strategies in managing of the presidential office.


Dr. Magna M Inácio (Author)
Universidade Federalde Minas Gerais

This research opens new avenues for studies of the institutional presidency. It offers an analytical framework to deal with the differences among presidential systems, focusing on the type of cabinet and its coordination problems.

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