Is dispersal guided by the environment? A comparison of interspecific gene flow estimates among differentiated regions of a newt hybrid zone

  • G. Espregueira Themudo, A. M. Nieman, J. W. Arntzen
  • Molecular Ecology, September 2012, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/mec.12026

Dispersal of genes across species borders is influenced by local ecological conditions

What is it about?

Genes can sometimes pass through species borders. We have shown that the rate at which this happens is associated with local ecological conditions or neighbouring geograpichal barriers in two species of Iberian salamanders.

Why is it important?

Our results show that the way genes move across species borders is not the same along that same border. Sometimes it is related to the presence of a barrier, others to the amount of precipitation or something else. Thus, there is not a single determinant to how much genes may pass through.

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