A Golden Lever for Politics: Feminist Emotion and Women's Agency

  • Teresa Langle de Paz
  • Hypatia, January 2016, Cambridge University Press
  • DOI: 10.1111/hypa.12218

Maximize Feminism: The Need to Pay Attention to Affect and Emotions

What is it about?

Emotions and affect are a major part of our existance as humans. We experience and communicate many things at the level of emotionality that do not become fully recogonized rationally by ourselves or others. One of these things is resistance, rebelliousness, non-acceptance or subversion to gender constraints. Gender, as it interceeds with other factors of socialization, is a major conditionant of our emotional life, particularly, for women. As such emotionality should be carefully examined as a source of pervasive feminisms, and used as a key tool for feminist political action.

Why is it important?

It opens up a new terrain to be explored for feminists anchored on the newest research on affect and emotions. The concept "feminist emotion" makes the many subtle ways in which women navigate patriarchal powers visible and thus, can be used to capture untamed agency and build programs accordingly. The essay provides a case study as an example of how much can be achived when emotions are interpreted through the proposed conceptual lenses and channeled into gender issues agendas.


Dr Teresa Langle de Paz
University of Wisconsin Madison

This essay is the product of a decade of work and research guided by the convinction that there is more to feminism than what emerges to the surface. Feminism is every where; we just need new tools to see it, to capture it, to channel its transformational potential.

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