Phosphorus sorption, supply potential and availability in soils with contrasting parent material and soil chemical properties

  • Phosphorus sorption and buffering
  • K. Daly, D. Styles, S. Lalor, D. P. Wall
  • European Journal of Soil Science, May 2015, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/ejss.12260

Soil phosphorus chemistries and availability

What is it about?

The chemical nature of phosphorus in Irish agricultural soils with regards to phosphorus uptake and release for plant availability and crop growth

Why is it important?

This paper describes the interaction between soil chemical properties and phosphorus dynamics that can influence sorption of added P and release in a soluble and available form for plant uptake, and points towards a need for soil type specific P advice for agriculture and environmental regulation of P use


Dr Karen M Daly

Building up P in some soils might take time if there is a high Al content, relative to the amount of P in the soil. Soils with higher Al than P, can be 'high P fixing' and prone to being acidic. Optimising pH will help solubilize Al bound P, but it's always worthwhile knowing what other elements are in the soil (Al, Fe, Ca) along with P so that advice can be tailored to soil type.

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