Museums and the Future of a Healthy World: “Just, Verdant and Peaceful”

Sarah W. Sutton, Elizabeth Wylie, Beka Economopoulos, Carter O'Brien, Stephanie Shapiro, Shengyin Xu
  • Curator The Museum Journal, April 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/cura.12200

Museums' role in environmental sustainability in support of a healthy world for all

What is it about?

Missions narrow focus; visions broaden it. Museums have so much they could accomplish to improve conditions of the world. This paper examines how some institutions are using visions that go beyond traditional practice to help heal the world while also fulfilling their missions.

Why is it important?

Healing the world may seem outside of the scope of one or even many museums, yet it isn't. The examples here demonstrate how motivated practitioners, with the right partners and an expanding vision, have tackled or are tackling, significant, highly-complex issues with great results. We and our museums are capable of far more than we were trained to believe.


Sarah Sutton
Sustainable Museums

Any museum can contribute to improving conditions in its own neighborhood, city, country and the world. Together these efforts build capacity for continued change, and they build greater positive impact. What will your change be?

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