The Legend of Jesus and Veronica

Patricia Frisch
  • CrossCurrents, September 2016, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/cros.12201

A Legend with contemporary significance in the Middle East of today. Set in Jerusalem.

What is it about?

A tribute to the courageous women and men of the Middle East, set in Jerusalem. Women and men can work together to solve the world's problems. The legend is an example that starts in the 1st century Christian communities and has lasted until today.

Why is it important?

Feminist alert us to the fact that women and children lack shelter and food and men are usually the first to die in wars. Nobody wins. Working together would come closer to resolving the greatest of all conflicts, that between men and women since the Stone Age.


Patricia Frisch (Author)
National Association for the Self-Employed

My perspective on women and men being and behaving together, peacefully come from my 46 years of a great marriage!

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