Simplifying data acquisition in plant canopies- Measurements of leaf angles with a cell phone

Adrián G. Escribano-Rocafort, Agustina B. Ventre-Lespiaucq, Carlos Granado-Yela, Antonio López-Pintor, Juan A. Delgado, Vicente Muñoz, Gabriel A. Dorado, Luis Balaguer
  • Methods in Ecology and Evolution, February 2014, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1111/2041-210x.12141

Measuring leaf angles with android

What is it about?

Common cell-phones are equipped with sensors that make them spatial referenced systems. By setting three convenient axis of reference we can mimic the relative spatial position of a leaf and collect the angles that define it with a simple gesture. Through a process of calibration in the lab and validation in the field we tested the performance of a device implemented with our software. We highlight the advantages of our methodology against frequently used methods.

Why is it important?

Leaf functional traits such as leaf angles are indirect links of plant performance. However, measuring leaf angles in the field is a time consuming task. We provide a simple methodology with a free software that overcomes common constraints of frequently used methods. Almost any cell-phone running our application can become a measuring instrument ready to test hypothesis from the leaf to the canopy level. Our work constitutes an excellent tool for educational and scientific purposes.

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