Mobile agent based composite key management scheme for MANET

  • R. PushpaLakshmi, A. Vincent Antony Kumar, R. Rahul
  • March 2011, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • DOI: 10.1109/icetect.2011.5760259

Mobile agent based key management scheme

What is it about?

The proposed work present a new composite key management technique for key management in ad hoc network. The technique includes hierarchical clustering, partially distributed key management, offline certification authority and mobile agent. We apply the concept of dominating set based clustering for partitioning network into clusters. The cluster head is elected based on the trust ability of the node. We present a fuzzy logic controller to calculate the trust level of node. Mobile agent is used to share information about serving nodes within the cluster and to collect information about the susceptible nodes in the cluster, used for key revocation process.

Why is it important?

Trustworthiness of node is evaluated based on the packet forwarding status of the node. The public key and private key of the cluster head change with respect to it's trust value. The private key is generated by combining key shares generated by partial key generation serving nodes. The system guarantees forward secrecy and backward secrecy, as the key of cluster head changes continuously with respect to it's trust value.


Dr Pushpa R Lakshmi

Mobile agent is used to gather information about cluster members and for cluster maintenance

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