Optimum solar panel rating for net energy metering environment

Soham Dutta, Debomita Ghosh, Dusmanta Kumar Mohanta
  • March 2016, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • DOI: 10.1109/iceeot.2016.7755229

Best Solar panel calculator for Net Energy Metering

What is it about?

This paper proposes a model that will take customer’s daily load curve and estimated renewable energy generation as input and give revenue saved and payback period as output depending upon the maximum generating capacity of solar panel. The entire modeling and analysis is done in MATLAB simulink.

Why is it important?

This paper proposes a model for estimating economic return in a net metering environment. Several cases are considered depending on the maximum amount of solar generation of PV panel and on the power limit set by government that can be supplied to grid. Energy cost savings per day and payback period are calculated in each case.



Net metering will play a vital role in future in redefining the smart grid structure. It will ensure that the consumers are aware of renewable energy and its implications. In this context, this paper basically models an energy meter in net metering environment that measures the net energy consumed by a consumer. The prepaid balance decreases if net power consumed is positive and increases if net power consumed is negative. The results infer that the customer’s will benefit from this scheme beyond any shadow of doubt. The model proves to be useful for giving a stir to the consumer’s enthusiasm to adopt net metering and perceive its potential.

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