Leveraging organizational performance via knowledge management systems platforms in emerging economies

  • Evidence from the Egyptian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry
  • Gamal Mohamed Shehata
  • VINE, May 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/vine-06-2014-0045

Knowledge Management Systems and Performance

What is it about?

This works intends to examine the impact of knowledge management systems on corporate performance. It surveys informants' viewpoints on various dimensions of knowledge management systems on their firms' performance and it is applied in the information and communication technology industry inside Egypt.

Why is it important?

This research sets the conceptual foundations of knowledge management systems. It also highlights six key elements that constitute knowledge management systems and their potential impact on firms' overall performance. It also examines the KM subject in a knowledge intensive industry and in an emerging market such as the Egyptian one. It offers simple and social implications for managers and KM scholars alike.


Professor Gamal Mohamed Shehata
Cairo University

This work is the first attempt to be made to examine the KM systems subject in emerging economies. It also integrates 149 past studies on the subject aiming at establishing the theoretical foundations for such an area. The methodology deployed in this study is both rigorous and simple and in so doing, the paper will be more easier to be understood by both managers and scholars.

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