Commentary – what is a resource allocation system?

Simon Duffy
  • Tizard Learning Disability Review, October 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/tldr-07-2015-0031

What is a Resource Allocation System for Personal Budgets?

What is it about?

The term 'Resource Allocation System' refers to systems which are used to calculate personal budgets upfront, so people with disabilities or families can then decide how to use their budget. They have been controversial and this essay explains where the idea came from and how it has evolved in practice.


Dr Simon John Duffy
The Centre for Welfare Reform

I first developed the idea of setting personal budgets upfront as part of helping empower people with learning difficulties leave institutions. Later I used this idea as part of developing self-directed support in England. In the end this approach has been swept up into what is now called 'personalisation'. Here I reflect on the initial rationale and the different ways the idea has evolved or been corrupted.

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