What is a Smart Building?

  • A.H. Buckman, M. Mayfield, Stephen B.M. Beck
  • Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, September 2014, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/sasbe-01-2014-0003

What is a Smart Building?

What is it about?

Smart is a term that is being applied to buildings more and more. In this paper, we have searched academic and industrial literature to learn from the past progression of buildings to define a smart building at a high level.

Why is it important?

A lack of clarity in definition within building buzz words creates a hole into which many have fallen in the past. This paper allows for the term "smart" to be justified when applied to a building description or tender and therefore move beyond a simple marketing term.


Mr Alex H Buckman
University of Sheffield

There's still a lot of debate in this area, especially around the differentiation between intelligent and smart buildings. I believe it is important to clarify in order to build the ladder of progression.

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