Conversion of a GIS surface data directly to a 3D STL part for terrain modeling

Sanat Agrawal, Deon J. de Beer, Yashwant Kumar Modi
  • Rapid Prototyping Journal, August 2014, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/rpj-10-2012-0093

Conversion of GIS surface data directly to STL part for terrain modeling

What is it about?

This paper discusses the methodology to convert GIS surface data directly to 3D STL part using a software program. This program completes this conversion in one step instead of multiple platforms. The GIS data doesn't have volumetric information. This paper discusses how walls and base around the top surface of the terrain are constructed using the C codes. The obtained STL file can directly be uploaded on an AM machine to fabricate a physical model of the terrain.

Why is it important?

To avoid data loss and save time in multiple conversion. More precise and accurate info about the terrain can be obtained. Precise scale terrain models are very useful in many areas such as, military planning, landscaping, town planning, transportation planning, catchment area planning, in education, as museum exhibit etc.

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