Longing to belong

Tim Butcher
  • Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management An International Journal, November 2013, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/qrom-05-2012-1065

Longing to Belong

What is it about?

The purpose of this paper is to examine distinctions between embeddedness and belonging in ethnographic fieldwork to make sense of a researcher’s identity position in the field.

Why is it important?

This research illustrates the criticality of reflexive intersubjectivity in ethnography to positioning the researcher as “Other,” not the research participants. For organizational ethnographers, and qualitative researchers more widely, to recognize this ethical consideration has consequences for how fieldwork is practiced and reported.


Dr Tim Butcher
The Open University Business School

This article is important to me. In writing it, I came to better understand my own reflexivities in my research. I hope this work will help you to do the same.

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