Development controls in the Offinso South municipality, Ghana

  • Nicholas Addai Boamah
  • Property Management, April 2014, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/pm-04-2013-0023


What is it about?

Development controls have consequence for the quality of the living environment, households health outcomes, and economic development. This study examines the land use planning system in Ghana. It identifies the constraints to the land use planning mechanisms in the country and suggests potential policy options to enhance the efficiency of the Ghanaian land use planning system. It identifies the public perceptions and knowledge and the legislative loopholes in the country's planning regime.

Why is it important?

The insights from the study are not only relevian to the Ghanaian land use planning system but also to all municipalities particularly those in developing countries with urban planning and management challenges. The key insights such as the need for participatory planning system, legislations that are consistent with the socio-economic state of a country, transparent planning regime and voluntary compliance are important for the planning system of every municipality.

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