Future of the book and library creatively explored

  • Charlie Smith
  • New Library World, May 2014, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/nlw-04-2014-0034

The future of books and libraries

What is it about?

This paper discusses the future of books and libraries, and how that might be influenced by digitization. Reference is made to project work by Architecture students at a UK university which gives creative scope to the paper. Reference is also made to a broad church of secondary research to give context to the study.

Why is it important?

Collectively the paper and the student projects contribute to debate over the role of books and libraries in contemporary culture through the eyes of young designers. The paper will be of interest to those involved in the procurement and design of libraries.


Dr Charlie R Smith
Liverpool John Moores University

The paper offers a unique approach to the question of how books and libraries may be influenced by digitization. The work by the students is innovative and insightful, suggesting some quite radical ideas for how libraries as buildings could evolve.

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