Customer preference for decision authority in credence services

  • The moderating effects of source credibility and persuasion knowledge
  • Anothai Ngamvichaikit, Rian Beise-Zee
  • Managing Service Quality, May 2014, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/msq-03-2013-0033

Customer preference with decision autonomy and communication style in high intangible services

What is it about?

The experiment using healthcare service tests the effect of communication style and customer satisfaction. The 3 types of communication styles varied in deliberation of customer decision has been used with samples of medium class people by applying Video clip in IPAD. We found that customers who have high doubtful perception tend to satisfy with high decision enabling communication from service providers unless the service providers demonstrate their high credibility upfront.

Why is it important?

Generally customers prefer service providers who enable their decision autonomy. If service providers need to convince customers for action. They need to select customers who have low doubtfulness perception with others or they need to demonstrate their high source credibility to high skeptic customers before making persuasion. This study enlighten the communication strategy in services and agency theory as well as ELM theory of communication.

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