Measuring the quality of the “comply or explain” approach

Michail Nerantzidis
  • Managerial Auditing Journal, May 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/maj-08-2014-1060

The efficacy of "comply or explain" principle

What is it about?

With this paper you can understand the efficacy of "comply or explain" principle in Greece. We have shown for the first time that companies on the one hand tend to avoid the compliance with these recommendation practices, raising questions regarding the effectiveness of the SEV code; while on the other, they are not in line with the spirit of the CG code, as they do not provide adequate explanations.

Why is it important?

These results assist practitioners and/or policy-makers in perceiving the efficacy of the “comply or explain” approach


Dr Michail Nerantzidis
Panteion Panepistemio Koinonikon kai Politikon Epistemon

I think that this paper is useful for two reasons: i) You can find the most important literature review about the efficacy of "comply or explain" principle, and ii) You can find information about the way you can evaluate the non-compliance part of Corporate Governance Statement.

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