Ownership at stake (once again): housing, digital contents, animals and robots

Sergio Nasarre-Aznar
  • Journal of Property Planning and Environmental Law, April 2018, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/jppel-12-2017-0040

Can't I now own housing, digital contents, animals and robots?

What is it about?

This paper aims to discuss the questioning around the current suitability of ownership both for accessing to certain property (housing, to be more specific) and chattels (digital contents, animals and autonomous robots) that have recently flourished, favored by technological advances and the change in the values of the millennials’ in a context of crisis.

Why is it important?

Ownership, both of land and goods, is again at the stake. Technological advances and/or new values of millennials in a context of crisis have led to questioning the suitability of ownership to favor universal access to housing, of holding music and other digital contents, have limited the faculties of animals’ and pets’ owners and are favoring the evolution of autonomous robots into subjects of law rather than mere objects.The


Professor Sergio Nasarre-Aznar
University Rovira i Virgili

The paper t discusses how the changes of values and technological advances in a context of crisis have impacted in the strength and reliability of ownership to allow access to property and chattels. These changes in ownership change how we can access to property (housing) and to chattels (digital media) and even to changes in what is considered “object” such as what is happening in Europe with animals and robots.

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