How long is UK property cycle?

Arvydas Jadevicius, Simon Hugh Huston
  • Journal of Property Investment & Finance, July 2017, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/jpif-10-2016-0083

What is property cycle length?

What is it about?

Property is notoriously cyclical and investors need to have an idea when to buy.

Why is it important?

If people pay over the top at peak of cycle (bubble builder) they can suffer when bubble bursts. It is good to know when to buy and make realistic forecasts.


Dr Simon Hugh Huston
Coventry University

The article 'How long is UK property cycle?' published in Journal of Property Investment & Finance was selected as an Outstanding Paper in the 2018 Emerald Literati Awards. It was considered 'one of the most exceptional pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2017'.

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