Analytics based decision making

Deepak Agrawal
  • Journal of Indian Business Research, November 2014, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/jibr-09-2014-0062

Analytics based decision making

What is it about?

The paper discusses different types of classical and Big Data analytical techniques and application areas from the early days to present day.

Why is it important?

Businesses can benefit from a deeper understanding of classical and Big Data analytics to make better and more informed decisions. This article presents a historical perspective from the early days of analytics to present day use of analytics.


Dr Deepak Agrawal
DDrv Analytics

For those of us working with data, this article provides a comprehensive view of business analytics domain from early days to the present. In it I have leveraged my own ringside view of the evolutions and the revolutions in this space. It is truly remarkable how fast paced developments have been, closely tied to the computer and computing power industry. Power of data, and the machinery to make sense of that data is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks we face today.

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