Financial crisis, legal origin, economic status and multi-bank performance indicators

  • Evidence from Islamic banks in developing countries
  • Sulaiman Abdullah Saif Al-Nasser Mohammed, Datin Joriah Muhammed
  • Journal of Applied Accounting Research, May 2017, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/jaar-07-2014-0065

Bank performance at a different perspective

What is it about?

This paper investigates the performance of Islamic banks in developing countries from 2007-2010 revealing that the macroeconomic factors reflected in gross domestic product, gross domestic product growth, and inflation rate have a significant positive relationship with the return on assets.

Why is it important?

the majority of the existing literature is either based on advanced markets or countries where the majority of the population practices the faith of Islam, and little is known about the performance of Islamic banking from the pooled emerging markets; particularly in developing countries.


Sulaiman alnasser mohammed
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Islamic banking has unique characteristics in comparison to conventional banking and this paper examines the differences between the two and also investigates the resilience of Islamic banks during a period of economic turbulence

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