Towards an e-waste management framework in Kenya

Jecton Anyango Tocho, Timothy Mwololo Waema
  • Info, August 2013, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/info-05-2013-0028

E-waste management challenges and opportunities

What is it about?

E-waste is a new stream of solid waste posing health hazard world over. This paper exermines e-waste management practices, challenges and existing opportunites in the context of a developing economy (Kenya). It suggests a sustainable e-waste management framework.

Why is it important?

Findings show that e-waste poses a serious health hazard while sustainable e-waste management has positive socio-economic impact. There exists job creation opportunities in the informal sector through sustainable recycling. Precious metals can easily be recycled from e-waste. The framework proposes monitoring the movement of electronic goods from the point of manufacture to the supply chain through to consumption until final disposal.


Mr Jecton Tocho Anyango
Kenya Methodist University

E-waste posses health hazard but also has positive socio-economic impact there fore the need to sustainable manage it.

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