Open innovation practices adopted by private stakeholders: perspectives for living labs

Dominic Lapointe, David Guimont
  • Info, June 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/info-01-2015-0003

What is it about?

This paper will explore the role of private stakeholders in the living lab (LL) ecosystem and the relationship of private stakeholders with open innovation practices. There is extensive literature on private stakeholders and open innovation, but it seldom addresses the specific question of how private stakeholders integrate open innovation in a living lab context. Firstly, we will draw a picture of the representations of private stakeholders in research on living labs. Secondly, we will analyse the relationship with open innovation of businesses that participated in an in situ open innovation event. Thirdly, we will identify a typology of businesses in relation to open innovation. Finally, we will discuss the observations that arise from the combination of our results on private stakeholders in open innovation with the representations of private stakeholders in research on LLs.

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