XPath fragments on XML in columns

Jaroslav Pokorný
  • International Journal of Web Information Systems, November 2013, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ijwis-05-2013-0017

XPath fragments on XML in columns

What is it about?

This paper considers schemaless XML data stored in a column-oriented storage, particularly in C-store. Axes of the XPath language are studied and a design and analysis of algorithms for processing the XPath fragment XP{*, //, /} are described in detail. The paper aims to discuss these issues. The main advantage of this approach is algorithms implementing axes evaluations that are mostly of logarithmic complexity in n, where n is the number of nodes of XML tree associated with an XML document. A low-level memory system enables the estimation of the number of two abstract operations providing an interface to an external memory. The paper extends the approach of querying XML data stored in a column-oriented storage to the XPath fragment using only child and descendant axes and estimates the complexity of evaluating its queries.

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