Differences of customer purchase behavior toward organic rice in Indonesia and Taiwan

Massoud Moslehpour, Pham Van Kien, Ilham Danyfisla
  • International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, November 2014, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ijqss-04-2013-0024

Organic rice purchase

What is it about?

This article is about consumer attitude towards purchasing organic rice and comparing consumers in Taiwan and Indonesia.

Why is it important?

The results of this study will assist producers of organic rice in developing countries to adapt to new organic food standards and marketing to ensure high food quality standards for both domestic and export markets.


Dr Massoud Moslehpour
Asia University

Taiwan is a developing country with increasing living standards and concerns for the environment and well-being of its citizens. In Taiwan and Indonesia rice is still the staple food for most of the consumers. Although organic rice cultivation has many benefits; it still can not dominate the market in Taiwan and Indonesia. This study provides insights into the preferences of consumers of organic rice both in Taiwan and Indonesia. Empirical results in this study provides comparisons between two countries attitudes toward organic rice and this study emphasizes the correlation between consumer purchasing behavior, consumer knowledge, environmental concerns and attitude for Indonesian respondents, Taiwanese respondent, and both combined.

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