Followership under the spotlight: implications for followership development

Giambattista Bufalino
  • Industrial and Commercial Training, February 2018, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ict-04-2017-0028

Followership: implications for followership development

What is it about?

The leadership industry has experienced an unprecedented growth in popularity, and business management effectiveness has become synonymous with leaders’ roles. However, in this egalitarian twenty-first century little mention has been made of followership due to its negative stereotype. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the understanding of followership by presenting a “balanced” approach that views both leaders and followers as co-producers of leadership. Specific practical implications for followership development are discussed as well as barriers to create high levels of follower commitment.

Why is it important?

A brief case study of active followership is presented for training purposes. A range of research and practitioner papers are reviewed with the aim of reigniting dialogue on followership, and to suggest a practical implication for its development.



This paper highlights the importance for an organisation to focus in nurturing the environment to allow active followership to flourish.

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