How to thrive in change and uncertainty

Sue Stockdale
  • Industrial and Commercial Training, July 2013, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ict-02-2013-0006

Thriving in Change and Uncertainty

What is it about?

What happens when you face an unfamiliar situation, and how do you behave as a result? This article combines two well-known models, Johari Window, and the Change Curve, to illustrate what typically people do in coping with change and uncertainty, and to what degree they are willing to explore the unknown.

Why is it important?

It highlights the factors that influence our behaviour and willingness to step into the unknown.


Ms Sue Stockdale

Change. The Unknown. Two situations that many people find scary. Learn more about how to manage and help to support others who are facing change and going into the unknown.

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