Numerical analysis of fluid dynamics and thermal characteristics inside a wavy channel

  • Riccardo Mereu, Emanuela Colombo, Fabio Inzoli
  • International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat &amp Fluid Flow, August 2013, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/hff-04-2011-0101

CFD thermal fluid dynamic analysis of a wavy compact heat exchanger

What is it about?

The present paper aims to provide a valid tool for a better understanding of the physics inside a typical compact heat exchanger used in different industrial fields where cooling is important. The analysis is carried out via a computational approach permitting to have additional information about the phenomena respect with experimental studies, such as a full flow and thermal field representation.

Why is it important?

The efficiency and performance of cooling system in different fields, such as electronics, industrial and nuclear is nowadays one of the most important aspects, related with its role in the whole system and energy consumption. For this reason a better understanding of the phenomena happening inside the studied component can help in an improved design and to increase the performance of the whole system reducing energy consumption and related costs.

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