Implicit assumptions in high potentials recruitment

  • Jan Posthumus, Gil Bozer, Joseph C. Santora
  • European Journal of Training and Development, July 2016, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ejtd-01-2016-0002

High Potentials Recruitment

What is it about?

In today global and competitive environment there is increasing recognition by employers of the importance of targeting, attracting, recruiting , and managing high potentials employee that are critical for organizational performance over the long haul. In this study we aim to explore the definitions and characteristics that HR professional use in high potentials recruitment. We found that HR professional use various definitions for this group of employees. A recruitment system where recruiters, managers, and agencies do not and cannot make explicit the types of high potential they want as employees becomes inefficient and has sub-optimal results. Based on our findings, we provide theoretical and practical implications for HR professionals and decision-makers in organizations.

Why is it important?

This paper makes two major contributions. First, it emphasizes the importance of an internal organizational discussion about the value contribution of the potential employee groups to the organization. Second, it adds to the importance of internal qualitative discussions and clarification of high potential recruitment definitions before applying quantitative-oriented recruitment tools.

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