Labour and skill shortages in Hong Kong’s construction industry

Paul H. K. Ho
  • Engineering Construction & Architectural Management, July 2016, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ecam-12-2014-0165

What is it about?

With many large-scale projects in Hong Kong, the construction industry is suffering from serious labour and skill shortages. The purpose of this paper is to identify practicable strategies for resolving these problems, assess the effectiveness of these identified strategies and finally develop a conceptual labour supply model.

Why is it important?

Unlike previous studies largely relied on voluntarily based measures, most of the identified strategies are enforceable to ensure its effectiveness. In addition, based on the grounded theory approach, a conceptual model is developed for analysing labour supply issues in both local and overseas situations, thus contributing to the new knowledge in this area.


Dr Paul HK Ho
City University of Hong Kong

Many of the identified solutions are enforceable. These are not only applicable to Hong Kong, but also transferable to other countries where voluntarily based measures under the free-market economy do not work in an effective manner. In addition, the conceptual model developed can also be used to analyse the labour supply issue in a broader global community.

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