Disaster logistics in small island developing states: Caribbean perspective

Denise D.P. Thompson
  • Disaster Prevention and Management An International Journal, April 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/dpm-09-2014-0187

disaster logistics in small islands

What is it about?

Moving resources to where needed amid resource constraints

Why is it important?

Most small islands are resource poor and must work in stringent economic, technological and Governance challenges as they respond to disasters. The article presents a framework to make disaster response possible.


Dr Denise D.P. Thompson
John Jay College, CUNY

This publication provide area specific considerations on disaster logistics. It focuses on the Caribbean, but provides insights applicable to all resource poor regions. The article has both academic significance because it adds area-specific empirical information to the literature. Practitioners and students of disaster response should definitely read this article because it highlights real challenges and possible solutions to resource constraints in disaster logistics and ways to get around them.

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